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Business Planning and Resource Allocation Blended Learning Solution

The Business Planning and Resource Allocation Blended Learning Solution combines live application workshops, distance learning modules, and sustainability tools. The training will enhance individual business acumen skills while outlining methods to ensure more effective collaboration, coordination, and communication amongst customer-facing teams. All live workshops include application exercises and best practice sharing.

Modules and Resources are available on the following topics:

  • ABC’s of Field Collaboration and Coordination: Enhances collaboration, coordination, and communication among customer roles for more effective business planning and execution.

  • Account Planning Process Overview: Ensures effective development and execution of account plans.

  • Account Profiling: Outlines key questions and considerations needed by an account executive to better understand the organized customer’s business model, concerns, and practices. Unique guides for large Integrated Delivery Networks, Payers, and State Managed Medicaid accounts have been developed. Participants learn what is unique about each account and how to better position company brands and solutions.

  • Business Acumen Skill Development: Increases strategic and analytical thinking skills, problem solving, decision making, planning, and resource allocation competencies by using business analytics to identify opportunities and risks.

  • Consultative Selling Model and Skill Development: Leverages effective consultative selling principles and practices that lead to more effective customer engagements and commitments to action. WLH can adapt current offerings to fit with the organization’s existing sales model.

  • Developing Value Propositions: Supports field sales professionals with the ability to uncover needs and relay the unique brand or therapeutic area value proposition.

  • Discovering Customer Needs: Provides skill development on questioning and listening to ensure needs are identified and agreements are reached.

  • Relationship Mapping and Navigating Complex Accounts: Enhances relationships with stakeholders of large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Medical Groups, and Payers.

  • Strategic Account Management: Enhances relationships with stakeholders in large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Medical Groups, and Payers to deliver value in a coordinated and effective manner.

  • Using Business Analytics: Provides field sales professionals with questions and considerations to evaluate business analytics and to uncover opportunities and identify trends. May be customized based on the organization’s reports, analyses, and business planning processes.