Talent Retention

Retaining talent continues to be a primary challenge for many organizations. Losing talent can jeopardize customer relationships and impact on-going revenue generation.

WLH developed a validated “predictor model” and blended learning solution to identify and retain at-risk talent.

Culture and Work Practice Assessment

WLH partners with HR leaders to:

  • Evaluate various cultural and retention factors contributing to the decision for employees to stay or leave an organization
  • Determine the effectiveness of specific HR practices to drive gender parity and transparency
  • Agree on the potential areas of retention risk at the organizational, manager / employee relationship, or individual level

The ℞ for Retention™ Blended Learning Solution:

Our blended learning solution includes employee engagement skill development and best practices for managing employees and reducing unwanted turnover. Participants will:

  • Understand the factors that impact employee retention
  • Explore the elements that contribute to stronger manager-employee relationships
  • Use a “Retention Predictor Model” to identify employees at risk of leaving the organization
  • Practice “re-recruiting” at-risk employees and “making a save”

Managers report that this program has contributed to retaining high-performing talent and “making saves.”

RX for Retention

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