Strategic Execution

Driving a new strategy without a thorough execution plan frequently leaves organizations falling short of their intended results.  Often, senior teams do not translate the broader strategic objectives into operational plans. Even more challenging is gaining broad organizational buy-in and alignment. Good strategies fail when organizational commitment is weak or non-existent.

WLH helps translate your strategy into reality by bridging the gap between the new strategy and the desired outcomes. This starts by clarifying the operational impact of your strategy as it cascades down through your organization. We help you think through implications for processes, human capital, and learning requirements.

Clients call us when undergoing strategic change due to:

  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Merger integration
  • Scaling for Growth
  • Downsizing/Consolidation
  • New Group Design
  • Market Access Redesign
  • Field Force Expansions
  • Enterprise-wide Initiatives

WLH partners with Senior Leaders to:

  • Translate leadership strategy into clear execution plans
  • Develop implementation cascades with “turn key” roll-out materials, tools, and solutions
  • Determine business risks and impact; develop risk mitigation strategies
  • Link Human Capital processes and tools to drive specific behavior change and improve performance
  • Define and track progress against success metrics
  • Use effective change management strategies to gain commitment and alignment from all stakeholders

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