As the pharmaceutical industry continues its rollout of COVID-19 vaccines, there seems to be some semblance of a return to normalcy on the horizon. With 15% of the US population already vaccinated and these numbers rising every day, a wave of healing is hitting the country as we enter into what some are calling the “next normal.” Getting ready for the next normal requires reflecting on what major challenges have emerged and what must be re-imagined in a new disrupted healthcare marketplace.As we consider the significant challenges that lay ahead as businesses try to reestablish office life while balancing the new protocols that are necessitated by the pandemic, leaders must reflect on just how prepared they are to undergo wide-scale transitions. Transition preparedness is a loftier goal than one might expect — in fact, research shows that 70% of change initiatives fail. To be a part of the 30% club, organizations must follow the patterns that have been set forth by other organizations that have cracked the code.

Luckily, at WLH we have developed a proven framework called the 5C’s of Leadership Transition. This framework offers tried and true methods for addressing change and transition at the organizational, team, and individual levels. These steps guide leaders through the processes of committing by preparing to lead, constructing a plan to address impacts and risks, creating high performing teams, coaching direct reports through the stages of transition, and lastly, calibrating to ensure success.

Large-scale change initiatives fail when organizations view their transition strategies as separate goals rather than as parts of a whole. Each step within the 5C’s Framework offers a unique perspective on a necessary facet of change while fitting into the larger puzzle of smooth and successful transition. We at WLH want to help you as you embark on the new challenges as well as the shining opportunities that lay ahead in the coming months. Let us help your organization become change-ready!

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