Summer is here and many just want to get outside or go on vacation after the stress and disruption related to the pandemic. However, senior leaders are faced with many challenges as they Reimagine their future, Redefine their strategies, Re-engage employees, and Recalibrate their plans.

Over these past few months, Dr. Wendy Heckelman and the WLH Team have assembled various podcasts and tips to help you with these challenges. Take the time to review these special Change and Thrive podcasts.

WLH Consulting, Inc. (“WLH”) brings a broad array of capabilities, tools, and experiences to clients needing help navigating their re-entry to the workplace. Review our latest insights below.

In the Reimagine The Future podcast, I provide an example of how the Pharma industry has answered the questions of where and how they will work. I provide five tips a leader can follow to position themselves and their teams well to ensure they create the culture needed to support their efforts in reimagining their future. Take a quick listen and find out how to set your self, your team, and your organization up for success! Watch and/or listen to the episode here.

Are you looking to Redefine the Future Direction of your organization or team? If so, in this podcast I share four things to consider when you are defining the future direction. Listen to the conversation and feel free to share helpful tips to redefining the future direction. Watch and/or listen to the episode here.

Employees often cycle through varying degrees of engagement while going through change. In the Reengaging Your People With Your Redefined Organization, I share four tips related to employee engagement and successful change implementation. Watch and/or listen to the episode here.

As professionals re-enter the workforce and are faced with an unprecedented pivot back to in-person work, we find ourselves in the midst of a major transition. Leaders are now tasked with implementing large-scale change by accommodating employees who have worked from home for over a year. However, large-scale change implementation efforts are hardly ever executed perfectly on the first try. Recalibrating one’s business strategy in the midst of change is often critical to successful change execution. In The Importance of Recalibrating Your Plan, I share three reasons this often overlooked step is critical to effective change execution. Watch and/or listen to the episode here.

Watch and/or Listen to our Change and Thrive Podcast weekly on your favorite platform! Feel free to share some ways your team is thriving during change in the comments below. 

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