Business Planning & Account Management

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P.L.A.N. Framework®

This model provides a step-by-step approach for Life Sciences companies to engage in business planning. The model proactively addresses healthcare dynamics and market access roadblocks while ensuring plans align with corporate, brand, and therapeutic area goals. As a result of following this framework, sales professionals at all levels can create and effectively execute their business plan.

EPIC Account Management®

Leaders at all levels need to be change-agile in order to anticipate marketplace trends, adapt their strategies, find innovative solutions, and inspire others while navigating change. Our solutions and learning programs help leaders to connect culture and strategy. WLH has created a framework entitled, The 5C’s of Transition Leadership® which provides a structured approach to help leaders improve their change agility capabilities and more effectively lead others through change.


  • Account Planning Template

  • Account Profile Guides for IDNs, Payers, and Managed Medicaid

  • Business Plan Template

  • Business Review Template and guides

  • Reimbursement Services Utilization Segmentation

  • Stakeholder Relationship Mapping Approach

  • Strategic Partnership Assessment

  • SWOT Analysis