Change Management & Cultural Transformation

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5C’s of Transition Leadership®

Leaders at all levels need to be change-agile in order to anticipate marketplace trends, adapt their strategies, find innovative solutions, and inspire others while navigating change. Our solutions and learning programs help leaders to connect culture and strategy. WLH has created a framework entitled, The 5C’s of Transition Leadership® which provides a structured approach to help leaders improve their change agility capabilities and more effectively lead others through change.



  • Organizational Culture Assessment

Personal Change Agility

  • Individual Change Readiness Assessment

  • Transition Leadership Readiness & Learning Plan

Managing Business Risks and Impact

  • Business Case for Change Worksheet

  • Business Risk and Customer Impact Mitigation Assessment

  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning Tool

Team Change

  • Team Impact and Readiness Assessment

  • Team Vision and Expectations

  • Sample Team Jump Start Agenda

  • Tips for Creating A Team Charter

  • Rules of Engagement Exercise

  • Creating a Team Action Plan

Leading Others through Change

  • Communications Action Planning Worksheet

  • Manager Expectations Preparation Checklist

  • Leader Transition Coaching Worksheet

  • Employee Re-recruitment guide

  • Transition Planning Guide