Change Management & Cultural Transformation

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We employ best practices in change management and cultural transformation to help our clients achieve success.

To adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace, many organizations undergo large-scale changes and cultural transformations in hopes of achieving a competitive advantage. Research has proven that 70% of large-scale change initiatives fall short of the intended results.

Effectively managing change and leveraging disruption have now become fundamental business practices. For over twenty-five years, WLH has employed a disciplined change management process that helps our clients to change, evolve, and transform their businesses. Through our partnership, our clients have been able to address the primary gaps associated with change failure cited below.

To join the successful 30%, organizations need the following:

  1. Effective implementation planning and execution excellence

  2. Change-agile leaders equipped to guide others through change

  3. An organizational culture that supports continuous evolution

When addressing these gaps, we ensure change initiatives are tied back into the DNA of our clients’ organizations with effective strategic execution and communication plans.

WLH provides change management consulting services that maximize business continuity and reduce resistance to change by:

  • Clearly defining the change initiative

  • Establishing the business case for the change effort

  • Assessing organizational readiness for change

  • Eliciting stakeholder involvement and buy-in

  • Creating a change implementation strategy

  • Readying leaders to implement the change

  • Creating a communications strategy

  • Defining metrics and measures of success

Clients call us when faced with the following challenges:

  • Organizational Restructuring

  • Merger integration

  • Downsizing/Consolidation

  • New Group Design

  • Field Force Expansions

  • Enterprise-wide Initiatives