Human Capital Strategy Development

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Business Diagnostics

Our consultants are insightful diagnosticians, skilled listeners, and keen observers who identify root causes and develop sustainable solutions. Clients invite us back because our diagnoses are clear, complete, and accurate; our solutions are powerful and focused. WLH uses structured interviews, focus groups, and survey methods to collect information and identify issues. Clear recommendations are proposed and project teams work to identify priorities and develop action plans.

Competency Models and Tools

WLH consultants work with clients to identify the specific behavior-based capabilities that reflect the demands of the marketplace and strategy of the organization. The competency models need to be simple while distilling the specific behaviors that drive success. Client needs vary and WLH has worked to create enterprise-wide, as well as distinct functional models. WLH partners to ensure managers and employees understand how to use the competency models and supporting tools to recruit, develop, measure, and retain talent.

Custom Learning Solutions

Strategic initiatives usually require revisiting learning and skill development needs to drive desired behaviors. WLH creates learning and development solutions based on a needs assessment, clearly defined learning objectives, and the appropriate learning methodology given organizational constraints. Each learning solution is customized to meet client needs and role requirements. Our instructional designers create and facilitate live workshop applications or provide interactive distance learning.

Development Planning and Guides

Organizations that focus on skill and capability enhancement, i.e., using development planning processes and tools, see the benefit to both the organization and the employee. The responsibility for development lies with both the employee and the manager. Not all development requires formal training. WLH has helped clients see the value in customizing development guides based on competencies and roles with specific suggestions for on-the-job development and learning from others. Employees that improve their capabilities and receive manager support remain loyal and more engaged.

Executive Coaching

WLH consultants are skilled and experienced in providing coaching to support and strengthen a leader’s ability to dramatically improve their mastery of desired behaviors and practices. WLH applies coaching best practices and methodologies in a focused, results-oriented process that includes both qualitative 360° interview data and quantitative 360° survey data. WLH has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams achieve exceptional results, accelerate projects, and collaborate more effectively – from first line managers to CEOs.

Field Coaching Forms and Workshops

For many pharmaceutical clients, WLH has designed custom field coaching forms and workshops to enhance managers’ coaching and talent development skills. Coaching programs focus on enhancing the field leaders’ ability to coach to a specific selling model, develop business and clinical acumen, and improve individual contributions to the team. Coaching efforts can be integrated with existing systems and/or our I GLASS Field Based Monitoring® offerings to create a culture of compliance.

Healthcare Integration and Human Resources Due Diligence

With many healthcare institutions merging and forming new affiliations, there is a need to perform Human Resources Due Diligence. WLH evaluates the overall integration risks, cultural risks, and human capital risks associated with the merger or alliance. In partnership with the organization, WLH develops an overall integration plan that includes risk mitigation strategies. WLH leverages a deep understanding of how current trends are affecting healthcare delivery institutions and can work with senior leaders to create an integrated human capital strategy to attract, develop, and retain critical talent.

Leadership Development

WLH has worked with a number of clients to design leadership development curricula and stand-alone customized leadership programs that are grounded in best practices and drawn from executive development and adult learning. WLH partners with its clients to identify specific learning objectives and determines the most effective method for participants to address “real-world” issues and develop action plans. Most programs include customized instruments for the accurate assessment of participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Learning Needs Analysis and Curriculum Maps

WLH has extensive expertise evaluating the learning needs and developing curriculum maps for Life Sciences companies. Clients have relied on WLH to create a specific curriculum for Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Strategic Account Executives, Market Access organizations, Marketing, and other functions. WLH partners with L&D professionals and business leaders to identify key skills, evaluate current learning assets, and determine how best to transform these offerings for more effective distant virtual learning.

Performance Management

WLH works with clients to evaluate and enhance their performance management processes. We integrate our diagnostic skills, human capital strategy, and change management expertise to ensure our clients effectively and fairly measure performance. For many clients, WLH has designed and facilitated workshops on improving a manager’s ability to provide coaching and deliver feedback.

Pharmaceutical Sales Curriculum Roadmap & Leadership Development

WLH has worked with a number of clients to design leadership development curricula and stand-alone, customized leadership programs for field leaders. Field sales and medical leaders have unique challenges. The programs WLH provides include specific scenarios and action learning projects that address “real-world” issues. They are designed to drive business effectiveness and to create a culture of compliance. Our programs are grounded in best practices drawn from executive development and adult learning. Most programs include customized instruments for the accurate assessment of participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Post-Merger Integration Human Capital Services

Most mergers and acquisitions do not succeed because of failures to assess human capital issues and cultural integration challenges. During both the pre-merger analysis and post-merger integration, WLH has extensive expertise in helping organizations gain a clearer understanding of these concerns and developing effective strategies to address them.

Talent Planning

The identification and development of a leadership pipeline is crucial to organizational success over time. WLH partners with clients to develop talent planning processes and design leadership development programs based on critical competencies. Clients have relied on WLH to evaluate existing processes and support implementation of best practices.