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5C’s of Transition Leadership®: A Change Readiness Solution

This program leverages the 5C’s of Transition Leadership® framework to ready leaders during large-scale change initiatives. Managers praise this program for helping them personally commit to change and providing the change agility skills needed for successful change execution.

Through this program, participants:

  • Develop and learn to communicate the business case for change to build buy-in with their teams

  • Identify and address potential business impact and mitigate risks associated with the intended change

  • Develop a plan to create high-performing teams during times of change

  • Improve their ability to assess people affected by change and coach them through the transition

  • Identify critical check steps and metrics to recalibrate progress against intended objectives

  • Create customized communication messages tailored to the needs of their audience

In addition to designing and delivering this program, WLH offers train-the-trainer services to certify client facilitators.

5C’s of Transition Leadership®: Distance Learning Modules on Change Management

WLH has developed distance learning modules that highlight important change management research and support leaders’ ability to implement large-scale change initiatives. WLH will work with clients to meet all distance learning standards and requirements. Sample modules include:

  • Change Management Overview

  • Change Readiness: Preparing to Lead Others During Change

Breakthrough Thinking™: Problem Solving and Decision Making

Breakthrough Thinking™ is a practical, job-related workshop that combines analytical “left brain” and creative “right brain” functioning into a single, integrated process for “breaking through” business obstacles. The program is based on an innovative model that takes participants through steps ranging from analyzing the current situation to selecting and implementing the best solution. The model employs a wide range of creative thinking techniques to identify all possible solutions.

In the workshop, teams work on real business challenges in order to:

  • Tap the inherent creativity of the team to think and work “outside the box”

  • Overcome insurmountable obstacles and stakeholder resistance to identify “win/win” opportunities

  • Create solutions that maximize business results for all stakeholders

  • Build commitment for achieving these solutions after the workshop

Breakthrough Thinking™ has helped clients in the US, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa/Middle East push past the boundaries of what is “predictable” and “expected” to create genuine breakthroughs and redefine the meaning and impact of success. Feedback received from over 3,000 workshop participants consistently confirms the following outcomes:

  • Better, more innovative solutions to mission-critical business problems

  • Faster, more effective team dialogue and debate that engages the diverse perspectives of everyone involved

  • Decisions that all stakeholders will support

In addition to designing and delivering this program, WLH offers train-the-trainer services to certify client facilitators.

Business Acumen for HR, L&D, and OD Professionals

This program starts with an understanding of the business. Without business acumen and alignment to broader strategic priorities and challenges, HR professionals cannot have a seat at the table. This program will help participants develop the consultative skills to uncover business challenges and provide support.

Business Planning and Resource Allocation Blended Learning Solution

The Business Planning and Resource Allocation Blended Learning Solution combines live application workshops, distance learning modules, and sustainability tools. The training will enhance individual business acumen skills while outlining methods to ensure more effective collaboration, coordination, and communication amongst customer-facing teams. All live workshops include application exercises and best practice sharing.

Modules and Resources are available on the following topics:

  • ABC’s of Field Collaboration and Coordination:

    Enhances collaboration, coordination, and communication among customer roles for more effective business planning and execution.

  • Account Planning Process Overview:

    Ensures effective development and execution of account plans.

  • Account Profiling:

    Outlines key questions and considerations needed by an account executive to better understand the organized customer’s business model, concerns, and practices. Unique guides for large Integrated Delivery Networks, Payers, and State Managed Medicaid accounts have been developed. Participants learn what is unique about each account and how to better position company brands and solutions.

  • Business Acumen Skill Development:

    Increases strategic and analytical thinking skills, problem solving, decision making, planning, and resource allocation competencies by using business analytics to identify opportunities and risks.

  • Consultative Selling Model and Skill Development:

    Leverages effective consultative selling principles and practices that lead to more effective customer engagements and commitments to action. WLH can adapt current offerings to fit with the organization’s existing sales model.

  • Developing Value Propositions:

    Supports field sales professionals with the ability to uncover needs and relay the unique brand or therapeutic area value proposition.

  • Discovering Customer Needs:

    Provides skill development on questioning and listening to ensure needs are identified and agreements are reached.

  • Relationship Mapping and Navigating Complex Accounts:

    Enhances relationships with stakeholders of large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Medical Groups, and Payers.

  • Strategic Account Management:

    Enhances relationships with stakeholders in large Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Medical Groups, and Payers to deliver value in a coordinated and effective manner.

  • Using Business Analytics:

    Provides field sales professionals with questions and considerations to evaluate business analytics and to uncover opportunities and identify trends. May be customized based on the organization’s reports, analyses, and business planning processes.

Coaching for High Performance

This program provides managers with the skills and tools necessary to create high-performing teams by developing and stretching the capabilities of individual direct reports. This fosters an atmosphere of continuous improvement, achievement of ambitious performance goals, and personal growth.

The program helps managers:

  • Apply the principles of coaching and providing feedback

  • Engage in active listening to open up communication and create partnerships

  • Identify areas for skill and knowledge improvement

  • Instill the principle of accountability for development when an employee owns 100% responsibility for their
    own personal development and the manager owns 100% responsibility of supporting the direct report’s development

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the direct report’s improvement as the basis for setting new, more ambitious goals

Compliant Documentation Training

In today’s marketplace it has become increasingly important to ensure that all interactions with healthcare professionals adhere to regulatory requirements. Inappropriate communication is a key risk area that often creates issues for pharmaceutical companies.

To address this issue, WLH Consulting has developed the Compliant Communications® workshop and the W.R.I.T.E. It Right® framework to reinforce communication skills that improve the quality and compliance of information shared internally and externally. The workshop and framework are designed to promote compliant business conduct and appropriate use of common workplace communication tools. The program outlines best practices and guidelines for developing business plans and ensuring open text items do not reflect improper sales and marketing practices (especially in the US).

Developing High-Performers

To drive talent development, managers require the ability to effectively prepare for and conduct development discussions with their direct reports.

The program develops a manager’s capacity to:

  • Assess current performance against clear, mutually understood behavioral criteria and qualitative measures

  • Provide feedback on the direct report’s ability to demonstrate capabilities, skills, and knowledge

  • Assist the direct report with identifying and leveraging strengths

  • Assist the direct report in prioritizing opportunities for growth and development

  • Support direct reports in creating Individual Development Plans (IDPs) to improve current effectiveness and achieve future career goals

Process Excellence: Improving Effectiveness and Outcomes

WLH works with clients to improve processes that result in overall organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Whether called “process improvement,” “process re-design,” or “process reengineering,” most engagements begin with brief training to develop skills and align team members on project goals and outcomes. Process Improvement Training provides participants with the tools they need to lead or serve on a cross-functional team engaged in continuous improvement.

Participants develop skills to:

  • Understand how process maps are read and developed

  • Validate the accuracy of current process descriptions

  • Diagnose issues with current procedures or systems

  • Apply innovative problem-solving methods

  • Design desired future state processes and outcomes

Process Improvement Training incorporates best practices in change management, operational efficiency, and planning execution to support an organization’s efforts to drive costs down and efficiencies up. Teams report that the program provides effective tools and techniques which enable them to identify key leverage points for redesigning processes and implementing these changes successfully.

As a result of participating in this workshop, participants:

  • Learn innovative methods of operational efficiency planning, thereby creating a culture of continuous improvement

  • Gain skills that can be leveraged for future process improvements

  • Improve problem solving skills and decision making skills

  • Have tools to drive collaboration to work toward common objectives

In addition to designing and delivering this program, WLH offers train-the-trainer services to certify client facilitators.

View our publications:

The Value of Pharma-Supported CME – PM360, April 2010

Think Tank: A New Formula for CME – PM360, June 2009

Jump Starting Your Team Workshop

This program provides organizations with an effective process to create high-performing teams. Whether facing a corporate merger, major organizational change, new leadership, new team members, or a new strategy to execute, this program identifies untapped business opportunities and creates strategies to be developed. Through an initial team diagnostic, feedback on critical performance and team behaviors are measured and used to identify opportunities and obstacles for accomplishing results.

This Program helps teams

  • Prioritize efforts by focusing on critical issues

  • Create collaborative action plans to seize business opportunities

  • Develop “rules of engagement” on how the team will collaborate to maximize the opportunities

Managers report that this program empowers their teams to work together toward specific objectives in an environment of trust, candor, and commitment that carries over into future endeavors.

Leader-Led Learning Modules

WLH has created a suite of competency-based leadership modules that are designed to address specific, real-world business challenges. The modules can be easily facilitated by field trainers or managers with little to no special training. Leader-Led Learning is a proven and effective method of driving accountability for leadership development down to all people managers.

If your Learning and Development function is facing the challenge of driving leadership development with a limited budget, there is a proven and effective method that will meet this challenge.  Leader-Led Learning allows you to do more with less. Managers play an active role in developing their teams while also limiting time out of the field to attend training.

All of the LLL modules contain the instructions, materials, and pre-work needed for session preparation and easy facilitation.

These modules are designed to:

  • Minimize time away from the job (in as little as 20 minutes)

  • Focus on where employees learn best, on-the-job and with real business challenges

  • Provide an opportunity for managers to take responsibility for developing talent

  • Be sequenced over time to develop core capabilities or “stacked” for more intensive team work

There are modules designed to help teams learn how to problem solve and work together. They are organized by the following competencies:

  • Accountability

  • Alignment

  • Change Management

  • Coaching

  • Communication

  • Creativity & Innovation

  • Leading High-Performing Teams

  • Managing Costs

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Project Management

  • Talent Development

  • Values Clarification and Reaffirmation

Coaching and Talent Development Leader-Led Learning Modules:

  • Creating On-the-Job Developmental Experiences

  • Developing Coaching Excellence

  • Developing Colleagues Through Delegation

  • Developing Direct Reports Through Shadowing

  • Developing Excellent Performance

  • Developing Team Members’ Strengths

  • “Five Minute” Coaching

  • Maximizing Development Opportunities

  • On-Boarding New Team Members

  • Providing Effective Feedback– this one will link to a sample pdf of the module

  • Providing Timely Feedback

  • Sharing Talent with Other Functions / Business Units

Strategy Execution Leader-Led Learning Modules:

  • Analyze Competitive Challenges

  • Building Stronger Stakeholder Partnerships

  • Creating Win/Win Solutions

  • Identifying “Who Else Should Know”

  • Increasing Collaboration with Other Functions/Business Units

  • Increasing Collaboration with Our Stakeholders

  • Sharing Information

  • Taking Calculated Risks to Achieve Strategic Goals

Change Management Leader-Led Learning Modules:

  • Acting in the Face of Ambiguity and Uncertainty

  • Adapting to Change

  • Anticipating the Impact of Change

  • Risk Taking: Making Change Happen

Business Planning & Resource Allocation:

  • Best Practices for Business Reviews

  • Better Account Profiling leads to better stakeholder engagement

  • Building buy-in for effective business planning

  • Collaborating and coordinating with customer-facing field colleagues

  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis

  • Prioritizing Customers

  • Writing S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Action Plans

View our publication: Leader-Led Learning: Developing Capabilities, Fall 2014 – Focus Magazine, LTEN

View a sample Leader-Led Learning Module. The topic for the sample is “Alignment,” one of the many competencies listed above.

Leadership Development Curriculum Design and Program Development

WLH has worked with a number of clients to design an overall leadership development curriculum. These efforts have either been stand-alone or extensions of other competency- related projects. WLH employs the following best practices:

  • Participants spend a majority of program time in self-managed, discovery-learning experiences, including challenging simulations and other “immersion activities” that require the production of high-quality team output under tight time frames

  • Participants develop actionable solutions in response to real-world challenges relevant to their businesses

  • Participants receive feedback from senior leaders and/or industry experts on their work product, behavioral effectiveness, group interaction, and leadership skills

WLH has designed and facilitated customized leadership programs on the following topics:

  • Building Trust, Candor, and Commitment

  • Building High-Performing Teams

  • Cross-functional Collaboration, Coordination, and Communication

  • Consulting Skills: Delivering Value to Your Internal Clients

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Execution Excellence

  • Influencing Without Authority

  • Jump Starting Your Team

  • Leadership Presence

  • Managerial Courage

  • Process Improvement

  • Strategic Thinking and Business Acumen

Leadership Development Programs

  • Breakthrough Thinking: Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Building Trust, Candor, and Commitment

  • Building High-Performing Teams

  • Cross-functional Collaboration, Coordination, and Communication

  • Consulting Skills: Delivering Value to Your Internal Clients

  • Jump Starting Your Team

  • Managerial Courage

  • Execution Excellence

  • Influencing Without Authority Workshop

  • Process Improvement Training

Performance Management: Effectively Conducting a Performance Review

One of the primary responsibilities of every people manager is the ability to deliver effective performance coaching and feedback. This program outlines more than the do’s and don’ts. The program provides managers with an opportunity to workshop specific scenarios related to addressing underperformance, handling crucial conversations, and reinforcing effective behavior. WLH will partner to customize this workshop to reinforce your organization’s performance management philosophy and processes.

Rx for Retention

Retaining talent continues to be a primary challenge for many organizations. Losing talent can put customer relationships and on-going business revenue at risk.

WLH developed a validated “predictor model” and blended learning solution to identify and retain at-risk talent. The Rx for Retention Program includes best practices for managing employees and reducing unwanted turnover. Participants will:

  • Understand the factors that impact employee retention

  • Explore the elements that contribute to strong manager-employee relationships

  • Use a “Retention Risk Model” to identify employees at risk of leaving the organization

  • Practice “re-recruiting” at-risk employees and “making a save”

Managers report that this program has contributed to retaining high-performing talent and “making saves”