In today’s podcast, I chat with Dr. Julianna Hynes about important opportunities people leaders can do to retain talented women in our current workplace environment and what advice she has for women returning to the workplace.

Opportunities for people leaders to retain women:

  1. People leaders need to be flexible with work arrangements.
  2. Provide networking opportunities during the day, not only after hours.
  3. Ask questions and listen to answers to find out what employees are passionate about.

Advice for women returning to work:

  1. Take responsibility for your own career by understanding what your strengths and development opportunities are.
  2. Create a board of directors to help you navigate difficult challenges and gain visibility to the organization and other senior leaders.
  3. Become accountable for what you say and do.
  4. Create a strategy around how you want to advance your career.
  5. Be okay with making mistakes and getting back up again.

We hope you enjoyed Dr. Julianna’s advice for people leaders and those who are returning to work. If you’re interested in gaining more useful advice from talent professionals like Dr. Julianna Hynes, please feel free to subscribe to our podcast for more great content.

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