In an effort to accelerate the widespread commitment and adoption of a global pharmaceutical company’s vision and leadership behaviors, WLH was engaged to develop a cornerstone leadership immersion program.

Approach and Deliverables

From the beginning, WLH worked with the client to ensure the program was seen as a change effort designed to strengthen team and individual leadership capabilities. Participants learned that they can get powerful short and long-term paybacks from the effort put into developing these behaviors in themselves and in their direct reports – thus overcoming the belief that this is “something else I have to do.”

The design of the program required flexibility to adapt to local market conditions and culture. WLH partnered with the Global Leadership function to certify internal facilitators. The program was highly interactive and utilized adult learning and action learning to change how people work together.


The program was developed and piloted in three distinct markets and eventually rolled-out globally. Every country’s leadership team participated in the program and got to use the leader behaviors to solve critical business issues and align on strategic priorities.

Wendy L. Heckelman, Ph.D.

Dr. Wendy Heckelman, president and founder of WLH Consulting, Inc. has over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 100 industry clients. These include pharmaceutical, biotech, health care, animal health medicines, and consumer products, as well as international non-profit organizations and growing entrepreneurial companies.

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