Change can take many forms. It can be planned or mapped out by an organization, such as a strategic shift or organizational restructuring.  It can also occur in anticipation of shifting trends in an organization’s competitive landscape. It can be completely unexpected, such as shifts that have been demanded by COVID-19 and the accompanying economic downturn. Only one truth about change is certain: it is inevitable. But while the forces that drive change are often out of our control, organizations always have the power to shape the process by which they respond to change. This process is known as a transition. 

Leaders play a pivotal role in advancing their organizations through transition by directly coaching their reports. In today’s episode, I will speak with Dr. Loretta Cate, a trusted member of the WLH team who heads up our Leadership Development practice area.  We will share the six steps of transition coaching that WLH has designed with the goal of facilitating smooth and effective transitions across every level of an organization.

Large-scale change does not affect all individuals to the same degree or in the same way. Therefore, transition coaching does not utilize the same approach as other methods of coaching such as career, performance, or developmental coaching. The WLH model of transition coaching accounts for the variance in unique challenges that direct reports face and equips leaders with the tools necessary for supporting them. A proper approach to this method of coaching is essential for any organization that seeks to maintain control over its transition in the face of a rapidly changing world. 

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