Does your organizational culture help drive business results? Research has proven that organizations with an engaged workforce yield better financial and strategic results. As a result, executive leadership is now recognizing the importance of driving cultural transformation. This webinar offers five (5) core principles to guide culture change and improve the probability of successful cultural transformation.

Denning (2011) defines an organization’s culture as “an interlocking set of goals, roles, processes, values, communication practices, attitudes, and assumptions [that] fit together as a mutually reinforcing system and combine to prevent any attempt to change it.” Driving a full cultural transformation effort requires both forethought and expertise.

Watch, listen, and learn from a leading change execution expert, Dr. Wendy Heckelman, on ways to implement a company-wide cultural change initiative.

What You Will Learn:

  • The five (5) principles for driving cultural change
  • How to connect individual beliefs to organizational goals
  • How to design a disciplined implementation cascade
  • How to engage leaders at all levels for successful culture change

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior and C-Suite Officers
  • Directors and People Managers
  • Human Resources, Organizational Development, and L&D Professionals

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Wendy L. Heckelman, Ph.D.

Dr. Wendy Heckelman, president and founder of WLH Consulting, Inc. has over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 100 industry clients. These include pharmaceutical, biotech, health care, animal health medicines, and consumer products, as well as international non-profit organizations and growing entrepreneurial companies.

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