The world is in a perpetual state of change. Every day, technological advancements, global events, growing research, and cultural shifts push us to change how we think, behave, and approach our problems and solutions. This is truer now more than ever, as the rate of technological growth, as well as the unique problems posed by the global pandemic have driven fundamental shifts in how all organizations operate, from pharmaceutical companies to universities to national sports leagues.

Though change can be exciting, it often feels overwhelming. It leaves us questioning whether we can keep up with our surroundings and wondering how we can remain flexible and adaptive to the world around us in the long run. However, there is one quality and skill that is key to navigating a constantly evolving marketplace: learning agility.

In this podcast, we will discuss the importance of the fundamental skill of learning agility and what you can to do attain and perfect it! Agile learners are curious and tenacious, constantly seeking ways to update how they think and approach problems and seamlessly integrating lessons from their day-to-day experiences. As leaders, they proactively identify opportunities to build their own capabilities and update their skills to remain relevant to their organization’s future endeavors and successes. They set themselves apart through their attentiveness to their organization and industry, and subsequent upskilling of their capacities.

To understand why learning agility is so important, one need not look further than March 2020, when organizations had to plan, manage, and execute complete shifts in their operating models from in-person to fully virtual. We at WLH had planned out a highly interactive face-to-face program to be rolled out in 2020, and had to completely remodel it to work in a virtual environment. As any organizational leader knows, this shift necessitated creativity and agility far beyond virtualizing the already existing content and structure—the entire project had to be reimagined.

Now, you may be asking yourself how you can sharpen the skills and capacities that would make you an “agile learner.” Luckily, WLH has developed a blended eLearning program that supports individuals as they develop this critical skill. This podcast will break down the basics of this program so you can better understand the components of learning agility and prepare yourself for the challenges and changes of the brand new year! 

Watch and/or Listen now on your favorite podcast platform! Feel free to share some ways your team is thriving during change in the comments below. Thank you for tuning in, Wendy.

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