Pharmaceutical companies know the importance of mitigating risks and keeping their people in safe harbor with regard to promotional activity. This is especially important given the significant changes pharmaceutical companies must embrace to successfully sell in the market today.

We leverage our deep expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver customized compliance solutions. We offer a wide range of consulting services including field-based and promotional speaker program monitoring, compliance training, and development guidance to bring your compliance program up-to-date with current policy and regulatory requirements.

WLH has developed the I GLASS™ Field Based Monitoring method, a web-based, fully automated, closed-loop solution that integrates compliance monitoring with field coaching to build a culture of compliance while protecting your organization from unwarranted civil and criminal prosecution.

No matter where you are on the compliance continuum, I GLASS™ is customized to fit the needs of your organization. We work with you to design assessments, adjust platform parameters, and fine-tune system services to address your organization’s unique set of challenges.

Whether you need to proactively mitigate risk or respond to government action, I GLASS™ provides your organization with a defensible process for Field Force and Speaker Program Monitoring.

Please contact us to learn more about our field force compliance solutions.

  • Field Force Monitoring
  • Launch planning and compliance
  • Compliant Documentation
  • Creating a culture of compliance
  • Integrating compliance into coaching efforts

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