Field Force Effectiveness

As industry experts, WLH has seen shifts in commercial strategies and how field forces are deployed.  This gives us the unique advantage of knowing the latest trends, identifying what works, and seeing where other companies have struggled. Our typical entry point is after the restructuring decision is made. Once the field force is reshaped, WLH partners to operationalize the new structure.  We provide expertise in defining roles, readying leaders for reorganization, and ensuring various customer-facing roles are working together collaboratively.  The old reach and frequency metrics are no longer enough.  WLH brings expertise through additional performance metrics to define effectiveness and ensure resource optimization.

Areas of consulting include:

  • Operationalizing organizational redesigns – field force expansions, re-alignments, new role formation
  • Readying field leaders to implement change
  • Defining critical performance metrics
  • Designing highly interactive collaboration sessions for POAs and national meetings
  • Channeling field insights to appropriate headquarter functions
  • Ensuring there is compliant interaction between Medical and Sales

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