Process & Tools

Since each client’s strategy, structure, and portfolio are unique, WLH provides targeted expertise in assessing current practices, providing recommendations, and partnering to design geographic and account specific planning processes and tools.

Our P.L.A.N. Framework™ provides a step-by-step approach for sharpening clients’ business planning capabilities. The P.L.A.N. framework helps clients proactively address market access roadblocks while ensuring business plans align with corporate, brand, and therapeutic area goals. By following this framework, sales professionals at all levels can create and effectively execute robust business plans.

In partnership with Senior Leadership and cross-functional teams, WLH can customize the P.L.A.N. framework to develop and implement a consistent business planning process with supporting tools.  Our structured Healthcare Marketplace Ecosystem Analysis helps field professionals “connect the dots” and identify key stakeholders who influence treatment and reimbursement decisions. This step-by-step approach can be adapted for different size field forces, various portfolios, and therapeutic areas. We customize this approach to support business and account planning processes.

Our consultants partner with clients to design practical methods for regularly reviewing and recalibrating business and account plans based on performance and marketplace conditions. We create tools and templates to help managers and their direct reports review performance progress and discuss opportunities to recalibrate.

  • Sales: Sales Representatives, District Manager, Regional/Franchise Sales Leadership
  • Reimbursement Specialists
  • Field Medical Teams
  • Cross-functional Account Teams

Process & Tools

Please contact us to learn more about P.L.A.N. and how we can help you develop aligned and consistent geographic planning processes and tools for your field force.

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