Talent & Skill Development

As the healthcare marketplace has evolved, the pharmaceutical industry has introduced various new roles to develop and execute strategies more effectively. In addition, traditional sales, medical, and account management roles have been on the front-line bringing innovative solutions to large organized healthcare delivery systems and payer customers.  WLH has worked closely with many clients throughout this evolution and can provide deep expertise and consulting services that help link talent and skill development approaches to organizational strategy.

When working with commercial leaders, HR, OD, and L&D professionals supporting them, WLH will:

  • Align HR strategy and process to business strategy
  • Outline guiding principles for career development and advancement
  • Provide people managers with guidance and counsel on conducting and supporting developmental discussions
  • Create customized, structured, field-based developmental experiences to close gaps and incorporate into development plans

Areas of Expertise

  • Role definition and competency development for Sales, Marketing, Market Access, and Medical Roles whether field or headquarter based
  • Career Frameworks to illustrate the needed breadth and depth of experiences required for career advancement
  • Learning Strategy and Curriculum Architecture – from onboarding to ongoing skill development; emphasizing on-the-job application
  • Blended learning solutions that link to competencies and broader talent development strategy

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