Change Management & Execution

Change is constant and the pace of change is quickening.  Developing agility and management capabilities at the organizational, team, and individual levels are differentiators in an increasingly fast-paced and evolving healthcare marketplace.

WLH provides change management consulting services that maximize business continuity and reduce resistance to change. Our consultants have decades of success working on large-scale change initiatives. The following are guiding principles we use for each and every engagement:

A Proven Framework

Our proven framework, The 5C’s of Transition Leadership® accelerates buy-in throughout the organization and increases the likelihood that desired results are achieved.  When this framework is used correctly:

  • Leaders gain confidence and the ability to embrace change, communicate a compelling vision, and coach their direct reports through change
  • Teams receive clear direction on what needs to happen and when
  • Individuals understand what they need to do to deliver value


Communications Strategy and Planning

One of the primary roadblocks to large-scale change is a lack of communication. WLH understands this principle and incorporates comprehensive communication planning into all change management projects.

We offer proven methods for reinforcing key messages and ensuring leaders can articulate the rationale for change. Various checklists and tools guide leaders and teams in identifying communication requirements for various internal and external stakeholders.

To support Your change management practice, see our Change Agility and Management Blended Learning solution.

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