Organizational Diagnostics

Our consultants are insightful diagnosticians, skilled listeners, and keen observers who identify root causes and develop sustainable solutions. Our diagnostics enable us to work with you to create clear and accurate action plans to solve your problems in alignment with your priorities and nuances of your strategy and culture.

Organizational Diagnostic Tools:

  • Structured interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Surveys

At the start of most large-scale projects, we recommend conducting a diagnostic to:

  • Gather information on the current state and ideal future state
  • Define what’s working and what must be retained
  • Solicit recommendations
  • Determine where there are areas of alignment or misalignment
  • Identify barriers to project implementation
  • Begin building buy-in for potential change


Clients invite us back because our diagnoses are clear, complete, and accurate; our solutions are powerful and focused.

To learn more about our organizational diagnostic capabilities, please contact us.

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