Post-Merger Services

WLH has worked with various pharmaceutical companies on post-merger planning and integration.  During the pre-merger analysis and the post-merger integration, we partner with leaders to gain a clear understanding of the strategic change goals, organizational culture challenges, and human capital risks.

Each integration is unique and requires the development of an integration plan that addresses impact to processes, systems, and talent.   We can help identify potential or actual pain points and bottlenecks and develop contingency plans to address issues that may or could inhibit rapid transformation and success.

WLH works with clients to:

  • Develop effective integration strategies that address business risks related to organizational change, culture integration, and human capital strategy
  • Provide support and expertise on integration planning and execution from Day 1 to Day 100 and beyond
  • Develop communication plans and techniques to keep colleagues, customers, and stakeholders engaged, informed, and productive
  • Quickly create and align on a unified organizational culture for the merged company to ensure new and aggressive business goals are achieved
  • Utilize our proven change management framework entitled, The 5C’s of Transition Leadership®, a solution that helps develop leaders during times of accelerated change
  • Design and implement plans to jump start team effectiveness, achieve quick wins, prevent drops in performance, and build team momentum
  • Develop a human capital strategy to ensure the identification, selection, placement, development, and retention of the best talent
  • Minimize business disruption and accelerate commitment to the new organization
  • Execute post-merger audits to identify additional synergy targets, realize greater deal value, and measure the impact of integration efforts

Our approach helps you build buy-in and gain better alignment with your managers impacted by the change. It also helps organizations anticipate potential problems to minimize risk, confusion, conflict, and disruption to current business.

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