We know that the current pandemic and the impact to the economy is forcing organizations to revisit their business strategy and make in some cases small and in other cases, large, fundamental shifts in how they do business.

I am pleased to be joined by Rich Smith who is a long-time client, trusted friend and VP of HR Strategy and Management for Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest healthcare providers and insurers in the US. Kaiser Permanente is at the forefront of all these challenges – delivering healthcare both for Covid and other pressing needs, concerned about the costs of care and policy shifts as a result of the pending election, financial implications of many people loosing coverage, all while creating a positive engaging workplace.

Another trend impacting workplaces is the more heightened need to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. As the leader for the people strategy and management of the HR function, Rich sits at the table with other executives grappling with these difficult challenges and seeking to chart a new path forward.

Watch and/or Listen now on your favorite podcast platform! Feel free to share some ways your team is thriving during change in the comments below. Thank you for tuning in, Wendy.

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