The entire world was flipped upside down and many new, unexpected challenges emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the wide-spread disruption caused by the pandemic lingers and other unknown, perhaps unpredictable challenges have yet to surface.

As more people are vaccinated and COVID restrictions are lifted, experts anticipate many employees will contemplate leaving their present jobs. Research suggests that more than 50% of the US workforce plans to look for a new job in 2021 and 25% plan to quit outright when the pandemic is over1. 

Retaining essential talent is always an important focus area for organizations but will escalate in importance as pandemic restrictions ease and employees become restless for change. Losing talent can jeopardize customer relationships, impact on-going revenue generation, destabilize teams, and reduce employee engagement.

How can organizations get ahead of a potential talent drain?  How can managers re-recruit key employees? And how can organizations make talent “saves” when needed?

SHRM recommends that organizations engage third-party firms to assess and evaluate retention risk. Using a third-party improves employee confidence and increases comfort levels when disclosing confidential information and discussing risk factors related to departure intentions, says Danny Nelms, president of The Work Institute1. 

WLH Consulting, Inc. (“WLH”) brings a broad array of capabilities, tools, and experiences to clients needing help navigating complex talent retention situations.  We offer organizations a validated “predictor model” that outlines critical retention factors.  The Rx for Retention™ blended learning solution builds and strengthens important people manager skills needed to identify and retain at-risk talent.

Culture and Work Practice Assessment

WLH partners with HR/Talent Management leaders to:

  • Evaluate cultural and retention factors contributing to employee intent to stay or leave an organization
  • Determine the effectiveness of specific HR practices in addressing retention risk factors, especially those related to gender parity, transparency, and inclusion, affecting women and minorities disproportionately
  • Agree on potential retention risk areas at the organization, manager, or individual levels

The for Retention™ Blended Learning Solution:

Our blended learning solution includes employee engagement, skill development, and best practices for managing employees and reducing unwanted turnover. Participants will:

  • Understand factors that impact employee retention
  • Explore elements that contribute to stronger manager-employee relationships
  • Use a “Retention Predictor Model” to identify employees at risk of leaving the organization
  • Practice “re-recruiting” at-risk employees and “making a save”

Managers report that this program positively contributed to retaining high-performing talent and making critical talent “saves.”

If you would like to better understand your employees’ intent to stay or want to learn how to re-recruit critical talent, please download our newest eBook, Retaining Female Talent In the Age of COVID-19 or contact us. We are skilled at helping organizations better understand how to retain key talent and thrive in a complex, volatile environment. 

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