As a senior leader, you plan and announce a major change initiative.  You communicate your plans and hope your mid-level and front-line managers effectively execute the change.  Unfortunately, your leaders are overwhelmed and do not have the necessary change execution and agility capabilities.

A leader’s ability to inspire members of an organization to embrace change is critical. If a leader expresses doubts or demonstrates a lack of commitment, team member resistance is almost always the result. The ability to seamlessly execute change is a core capability leaders need to keep pace with market trends and to meet strategic goals.

Regardless of the type of strategic change, all change initiatives require leaders who are:

  • Masters at seeing and translating strategic direction
  • Able to quickly accept the need and make the commitment to drive change
  • Experts at assessing risks and potential impact to the organization, team, and individual
  • Skilled at creating high performing teams that can quickly address pressing business concerns during periods of change
  • Coaches who can address each team member’s reaction and resistance to change

After years of practical experience, WLH developed The 5C’s of Transition Leadership® to help organizations systematically prepare their leaders to execute change throughout the organization.   Our clients have used the 5C’s to help their leaders embrace change, communicate a compelling vision, and demonstrate commitment to the change effort.

The 5C’s prepares managers to thrive even under the most disruptive of change conditions which might otherwise test their effectiveness.