Deep down there are times you know your organizational culture doesn’t reflect the organization’s values.  You acknowledge the research that organizational culture can be a source of change.  On the flip slide, you appreciate that intentional efforts to shape organizational culture can be used to drive change efforts, achieve business results, provide a competitive advantage, and make your organization a better place to work.

Cultural evolution initiatives can be an important strategic lever and can create alignment between the organization’s values, beliefs, and goals of the large-scale change effort. Directly addressing elements of an organization’s culture can combat stagnant work practices and reinvigorate top talent.

WLH helps pharmaceutical and life sciences companies shape their organizational culture by:

  • Leveraging Five Key Principles for culture transformation
  • Partnering with senior teams to define organizational values and beliefs
  • Using an effective implementation cascade to engage teams and individuals
  • Creating an overall communications and engagement plan
  • Partnering to make cultural transformation integral to all leadership and learning activities
  • Defining real measures of cultural change

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