When promoted into a leadership role or assigned a new position it constitutes a big change. There is always a lot to do and learn.  Rather than feel like you are being thrown into the deep end, our New Leader Transition Guide and Toolkit becomes a great life support tool.

As change and leadership experts nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing a new leader succeed.  When you change and thrive it is good for your personal well-being, your team’s ability to achieve goals and work together, and for the overall organization.  This guide provides practical tips, suggestions, and approaches to assess team capabilities and challenges for your first 90 days.

This Leadership Transition Guide and Toolkit was created to help a leader change and thrive when in a new position. Use of this toolkit will:

  • Assist you in quickly adapting to specific demands of your new position
  • Accelerate the transfer of information and knowledge
  • Facilitate relationship building and network formation
  • Provide insights to avoid common pitfalls and barriers that occur when leaders are in transition

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