Despite broader national and global trends, healthcare delivery is still local.  Even with national and regional centers of excellence, most patient journeys start at the local level.  Localized and consistent planning processes are needed to ensure customer-facing roles can identify opportunities and deploy resources accordingly.

You are asking your field force to develop individual and integrated customer plans.    More importantly, these plans need to be more than a check the box activity.

Effective planning processes have common elements, but need to be adapted based on your organization’s portfolio, brand objectives, and resources.  These basic elements include:

  • Conducting a marketplace analysis
  • Aligning strategy and brand goals with a local business assessment
  • Identifying critical priorities or initiatives
  • Prioritizing customers
  • Developing action plans
  • Monitoring and recalibrating plans

These elements need to be compliant and based on an understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and dominant players.

WLH brings deep expertise in effective geographic and account planning, and has served many different pharmaceutical companies. We know what works and can adapt our framework and approach to meet your unique portfolio, structure, and business needs. Please click here to learn more about our commercial excellence and account management solutions.