The healthcare marketplace continues to consolidate and larger organized customers exert even greater influence on treatment decisions.  The traditional model that depends on the one-to-one, physician-to-representative interaction can no longer drive long-term growth.

Larger organized customers require a different account management approach.

  • Where is your organization in terms of a key account management strategy?
  • Do you have the right planning processes in place?
  • Is your talent equipped to navigate these larger accounts?
  • Are your commercial teams thinking differently in terms of market access planning, payer marketing, brand marketing, and providing value-added solutions?
  • Where and how can medical and health economics outcomes provide a competitive advantage?
  • Do your field teams work collaboratively when planning and executing against critical portfolio and brand objectives?

After more than twenty-five years in the industry, we too have evolved and appreciate how these challenges keep commercial leaders up at night.  WLH’s thought partnership, experience, and targeted learning solutions can help you adapt your strategy, processes, and execution plans to address these challenges and achieve better results.

Learn more about how WLH supports Commercial Excellence and Account Management to drive results and ensure you deliver value to patients, providers, and payers.