It’s not easy to attract, develop, and retain talent in a complicated industry and tight labor market.  Leaders and the HR professionals supporting them know that finding and keeping great talent creates the competitive advantage required for success.

Below are some of the common human capital challenges we help our clients solve.

Redesigning Your Organization

You lead a division, a large functional group, or field force. You must decide if your organizational structure is designed to optimize resources, ensure effective collaboration, or drive strategic goals. You know undertaking a redesign requires more than drawing boxes and you need an expert.

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Defining Competencies

The complex healthcare landscape requires employees with an array of skill, sophistication, and specialization. Defining competencies brings clarity and provides the foundation for HR practices related to recruiting talent performance evaluation, development curriculums. The challenge is models can be too vague or too cumbersome. Look for a partner who can customize the model to your organization, the role, and function.

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Creating a High-Performance Culture

The strategy is set, the vision communicated, yet performance is falling short. Accountability for results rests with everyone and creating a culture of performance requires employees to take personal responsibility for all decisions and outcomes and learn from mistakes, without blame.

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Developing Leadership & Talent

Your marketplace is increasingly more complex. Your employee make-up is changing. You need talent who can thrive today and position the organization for the future. Developing leadership and talent for changing business needs cannot be left to chance and requires an integrated strategy with a commitment to development for all.

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Creating Learning Strategies and Curriculum Architecture

The marketplace is rapidly evolving and your organization is changing to stay ahead. Have you refreshed your learning strategy? Is your L&D function reactive and delivering episodic programs versus proactive with well-defined curriculum roadmaps to ensure possess the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to achieve results.

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Retaining High Performing Employees

Losing top talent is painful. Why expend so much time, energy, and resources hiring and developing talent, only for your stars to voluntarily leave?

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