Some companies live by the adage, “your people are your greatest asset” and take steps to attract, develop, and retain the best talent. Others speak it, but in practice the culture does not reinforce talent development. One pharmaceutical leader described this scenario as, “not building the connective tissue” that links talent and leadership development to business needs and a part of the organizational culture.” The costs are high… results are not met, there is lower employee engagement, a limited or non-existent leadership pipeline, and loss of high-performing talent.”

In today’s competitive talent marketplace, progressive pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations view talent as a competitive advantage. No one program or process can solve challenges related to attracting, developing, and retaining the best people. Instead, leaders and the HR, OD, and L&D people supporting them need an integrated human capital strategy.

WLH brings its business performance, change management, and talent development capabilities together to define and support an integrated human capital strategy.