You lead a division, a large functional group, or field force. Your organization’s design can support your mission with tangible results – or get in its way. When results start to lag, an organizational redesign can help:

  • Address inefficient workflow caused by breakdowns and non value-added activity
  • Improve efficiency and cycle time
  • Focus on delivering value to customers and patients
  • Breakdown a silo mentality and eliminate turf battles
  • Address lack of ownership issues (“It’s not my job”)
  • Speed up decision-making and push down accountability for results

Undertaking a redesign is overwhelming and often leads to unintended consequences at the organizational, team, and individual levels. Failing to anticipate and address these upfront spurs resistance, confusion, and results in low achievement of the strategic intent.


Every organizational redesign is unique; however, WLH’s rigor, organizational effectiveness, and change management execution expertise can be counted on to guide you to success.