Organizational Design and Effectiveness

An organization’s structural design can support mission achievement – or get in the way. When results start to lag, a strategic organizational redesign can reduce layers and drive alignment. New organizational charts are only one part of the solution.

Proven experience with organizational design:

WLH supports leaders in thinking through design criteria, the impact on processes and people, and the change management for effective implementation.  Operationalizing the redesign requires determining how structure supports strategy, workforce analysis, role definition, clarity, competency models, process review, and systems implications. You need a partner who:

  • Understands the analysis required for effective organizational design
  • Considers human resources implications
  • Analyzes workforce allocation
  • Engages stakeholders for input and recommendations
  • Includes effective change management and communications planning from the start and through implementation
  • Determines what processes need to be reviewed and adapted


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